Blinking Image Blinking Image

Applet Description

This applet makes images blink.

Isn't it fun to see images blinking on your Web pages? This applet enables a foreground image to blink! Combining blinking foreground images with nonblinking background images can make your Web page presentation more fun and attractive. In the following example, the blasts from a space shuttle in the foreground is overlaid on the shuttle body in the background.

Parameter Information

Name Description Format Default Value
image Foreground image URL none
position Position of foreground image x-coordinates, y-coordinates 0, 0
bg_image Background image URL none
sound Sound URL none
sound_mode Playback sound mode once or loop once
bg_color Background color color lightGray
pause Blink interval Milliseconds 200
href Link URL none

Applet Tag

<applet codebase="ImgBlink" code="ImgBlink.class" width=200 height=300>
<param name=image value="./ImgBlink/NASA_F.gif">
<param name=position value="60, 220">
<param name=bg_image value="./ImgBlink/NASA_B.gif">
<param name=sound value="./ImgBlink/">
<param name=sound_mode value="loop">
<param name=bg_color value="#c0c0c0">
<param name=pause value="400">
<param name=href value="">

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