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Applet Description

A number of images are displayed in an animation series.

For example, pictures of a head can be displayed from shots taken at different angles, giving the appearance of rotation. Another example is as the following animation.

How to Use Jog Shuttle

The jog shuttle allows you to play your animation frame by frame or even backward with a simple mouse operation: Click on the jog shuttle and move your mouse in a circle on it (do not drag!). If you move the mouse clockwise, the animation plays forward as the jog shuttle rotates clockwise. If you move the mouse counterclockwise, the animation plays backward as the jog shuttle rotates counterclockwise.

To cancel the jog shuttle, click the mouse again.

Parameter Information

Name Description Format Default Value
image_source URL where the image resides (such as a directory) URL none
images Images (separated by spaces when multiple images are specified) URL URL ... none
fpr The number of frames displayed per a jog shuttle turn Integral number 4
bg_color Background color Color lightGray

Applet Tag

<applet codebase="ImgPlay" code="ImgPlay.class" width=200 height=200>
<param name=image_source value="./ImgPlay">
<param name=images value="GOLF_01.gif GOLF_02.gif GOLF_03.gif GOLF_04.gif GOLF_05.gif GOLF_06.gif GOLF_07.gif GOLF_08.gif GOLF_09.gif GOLF_10.gif">
<param name=fpr value="12">
<param name=bg_color value="">

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