Message Bulletin Board Message Bulletin Board

Applet Description

A message scrolls from right to left; the characters can change color or blink.

Parameter Information

Name Description Format Default Value
text Characters Attributed text MessageBoard \blink !!
board_colors Text board colors (foreground, background, and border) Color|Color|Color black|#faf0e6|gray
scroll_width Scroll width Pixels 8
font Font attributes (name, style, and size) Name|Style|Size Dialog|PLAIN|24
sound Sound URL none
sound_mode Playback sound mode once or loop once
bg_color Background color Color lightGray
pause Scroll interval Milliseconds 200
href Link URL none

Applet Tag

<applet codebase="MsgBoard" code="MsgBoard.class" width=450 height=100>
<param name=text value="Welcome to \blue my \red Homepage \blink\black !!">
<param name=board_colors value="">
<param name=scroll_width value="10">
<param name=font value="">
<param name=sound value="">
<param name=sound_mode value="">
<param name=bg_color value="">
<param name=pause value="">
<param name=href value="">

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